Water Heaters

Constantly Running has the knowledge to advise homeowners to make a repair or install a replacement for your existing water heater. Here at Constantly Running we service traditional storage tank water units ranging from 30 to 80 gallon capacities using natural gas, electricity or propane.

We understand the need to have properly working water heaters for bathing, cooking and general cleaning and ensuring a healthy environment to live in.

Deciding whether or not to repair “if possible” or replace a water heater would be a combination of our inspection / analysis and the customer's decision.

A standard home water heater comes with a six year warranty, however some companies offer up to 12 years on the manufacturer warranty. Repairing a water heater over 8 years usually is not cost efficient.

Each jurisdiction has requirements for the new water heater installation. Our technicians will have the information needed to complete the installation of your new water heater in your home as required by your communities.